Operating Fluids

Even the best engines can only convince if the operating fluids and additives also meet the highest demands. Rely on DEUTZ too. Whether these are oils, cooling system protection or additives. With operating fluids from DEUTZ you benefit from years of experience and the expert knowledge of our specialists. The engine and operating fluids harmonise in a perfect system.


Genuine DEUTZ engine oils are used on the test benches for the development of DEUTZ engines. There can be no better guarantee of the suitability of these oils for application in DEUTZ engines, giving the user maximum operating safety. The use of DEUTZ oils as a genuine part is a major advantage in case of warranty claim. That is why we recommend the use of DEUTZ oils only, for all DEUTZ engines.

The DEUTZ Oil product portfolio exceeds all requirements and always presents optimal choice for maximum safety in operation in all applications.

  • High choice of viscosity for all climate conditions
  • DQC quality-classes for all imaginable engine application and load
  • Open and closed crankcase ventilation
  • Lube oil for engines with exhaust-after-treatment systems
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  • High level of protection against wear and corrosion.
  • Guaranteed protection against deposits, sludge and sticking
  • Outstanding thermal stability on the basis of low-volatility base oils
  • Extremely low oil and fuel consumption
  • Reduced cold-wear behaviour and fast engine permeation
  • Protects the sensitive exhaust-after-treatment components, e.g. diesel particulate filter and SCR-catalyst
  • Oil service life can be prolonged and optimised by applying the DEUTZ Oil Diagnosis System

DEUTZ Coolant

All liquid-cooled engines need an effective coolant additive in order to ensure safe long- term engine function. The use of unsuitable cooling system conditioners often results in leaks in the cooling system caused by corrosion and incompatibility with sealing materials, as well as pitting in aluminium components and flocculation which clogs and blocks the coolant channels. These defects could cause the engine to overheat, resulting in serious damage.

Original cooling system conditioner

  • Is perfectly adapted for all the materials of a DEUTZ engine
  • Provides reliable protection from corrosion, pitting and freezing for all engines
  • Is low-maintenance
  • Only needs to be replaced once every two years
  • Does not contain nitrite or amines
  • Helps to protect your health and the environment


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Fuel Additives

Our new fuel additive, Original DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro, has been developed to address the issue of traces of biodiesel in diesel fuel. Clean-Diesel InSyPro is a dual-action, 2-in-1 additive:

Keep Clean fuel stabiliser

  • Increases the amount of time for which diesel fuels can be stored and avoids deposits
  • Reduces incidences of filters becoming contaminated and clogged
  • Guarantees a safe engine start after longer shutdowns

Clean-Up cleaning action

  • Dissolves deposits in the injection components
  • Treats black smoke caused by fuel deposits, reduced engine performance and increased fuel consumption.
  • Particularly recommended for high pressure injection systems
  • When it says DEUTZ on the outside, it has to be DEUTZ on the inside.

Product information

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DEUTZ StartBoost

DEUTZ StartBoost is a high-performance fuel additive that ensures engine starting capability after a longer periods of standstill and significantly improves fuel storage stability. The storability of the fuel is supported by chemical stabilisers, whereas cetane number improvers are used to improve the engine starting behaviour.

Product features

  • Increases start-up reliability by improving the ignition behaviour (cetane number)
  • Increases fuel storability by improving the oxidation and thermal stability
  • Protects the tank, fuel lines and filters against microbial contamination


  • For stand-by and emergency engines
  • Upgrade of lower fuel qualities


Dosage : 1:1000 Liters

Storage: Frost-free, not above 40°C dry, seal tightly

Note: Not a replacement for a highly-effective biocide for treating contaminated diesel fuel.


DEUTZ FlowBoost

DEUTZ FlowBoost is a powerful fuel additive that lowers the minimum usage temperature of diesel fuel by up to ten degrees. Special additives prevent the generation of large paraffin crystals and the clogging of fuel lines and filters.

Product features

  • Allows for longer use of summer and transitional diesel
  • Ensures operational capability by improving cold start behaviour
  • Prevents fuel lines and filters from clogging


  • Usage of summer- and transitional diesel at low ambient temperatures
  • Improvement of lower fuel qualities


Dosage: 1:1000 Liters, max. 20% biodiesel content

Storage: Dry, avoid extreme heat, properly seal open canisters

Note: Not a winter diesel replacement for extremely cold ambient temperatures


Safety data sheet

Safety Data Sheet – Sweden »

Safety Data Sheet – Denmark »


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